Non-monetary economics

(Marginal science about the destiny of civilization)

Physical description of economy makes economics a natural science. The science needs new data. The data sources for this science are formalized perceptions. Future state of communication technologies will make the sources feasible. An attempt to implement the sources was made in the Project

PhotoGod does the routine part of his work via the laws of Nature. He encoded His ideas in things. Man pursues ideas and produces things. New things reveal new ideas. Because things obey the laws of Nature Man is bound to come to predestined ideas.
What is Man doing on the way?
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Russian way Economic way of Russia from the viewpoint of cybernetics (Russian language)


Non-monetary economics and the analysis of economic way of Russia (zipped WINWORD file , 90 Kb or PDF file, 624 kb, Russian language)
Non-monetary philosophyHeuristic justification of non-monetary economics, history of non-monetary thought and the forward look at non-monetary ideas.
OverwiewA gist of non-monetary ideas
Mathematical modelsInventory of utilized mathematical means
Data sourcesExplanations about how the primary information is obtained
ForecastingThe general procedure of calculating the future states of the model
Control of economy and religionsNon-monetary context of the Baha'i religion
Empirical evidence Non-monetary analysis of monetary statistics of the Soviet economy of the past
Entropy law Popular explanation of the entropy law applied to economy
World Order When is the New World Order to come?
Natural Economics A hypothesis about economics to become a natural science
Marginal EconomicsMarginal science of economics
About the authorAutobiography

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Non-monetary economics in the social context of the Internet

Towards Economics as a Natural Science

Entropy law

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